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Vegan Culinary Tours Paris offers walking tours that introduce you to the vegan cuisine of the French capital as we explore the city’s best districts.

During each tour, we visit various partner locations to enjoy a range of gourmet small plates. Altogether, these dishes represent a generous meal. We also stop by other sites dedicated to vegan food as well as points of historical interest.

If you’re just passing through Paris, our tours are a great way to get to know the best districts of the city through its gourmet cuisine. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll get to experience new gourmet vegan sites in Paris.

If you’re simply curious about vegan food, our tours are a chance to try this delicious and unique style of cuisine for yourself.

Discover our tours the Gourmet Sentier 1, the Gourmet Sentier 2 and the Delicious East.

You can also give our tours as a gift to your friends and family!


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Thomas Tieyre is the project’s founder. He’s vegan, loves Paris and as a true foodie, pays close attention to the vegan scene in the city, scouting out the best restaurants and cafés.

His aim with these walking tours is to help others experience the delicious, creative and colourful vegan cuisine offered at various gourmet sites. With his passion for food and health, he has many tips related to vegan diets and cooking to share with tour participants. He is the one who guides the tours.

As an amateur home chef himself, Thomas felt that tours such as these would be a great addition to the city’s vegan scene.


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